Work Permit In Canada

Work Permit In Canada

Do you need a work permit for Canada? If so, we will provide you with relevant information.

However, entrants to Canada require a work permit. Each year, more than 180,000 people submit applications for work permits. However, these employees travel from all over the world to work in Canada.


You must adhere to a specified procedure in order to obtain a work permit for Canada. Before you may apply for the license, you must have a legitimate employment offer. These are the first two actions you need to take.

STEP #1:

Your first task is to submit an application to “Employment and Social Development Canada” for a “Labor market impact assessment.” The Canadian employer must, however, guarantee that no Canadian resident is qualified for this position.

So everything necessary is in the offer letter and employer undertaking.

STEP #2:

The candidate may submit an application for a Canada work permit after receiving a favorable response from the LMIA. It is important to note that some work licenses are employer-specific, nevertheless.

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But in the case of an open work visa, the employer-specific requirement is not required. You also have to apply for a new license in order to secure a new work.

However, Canadian work permits are only valid for a certain period of time. So, after a certain period of time, you must renew the document.


In addition to a certain procedure, there are important things you should learn. Thus, we begin with the

Work Permit In Canada
Work Permit In Canada


The Canadian work permit has a set time frame. However, if you are granted the status of work residency, you can obtain a permanent license.

The Canadian government does, however, have a term limit on your permit if you do not obtain permanent residence. This permit allows you to work continuously for 48 years or intermittently.

After working in Canada for 48 months, you must leave the country for four years before you can reapply.

A distinct kind of work permit is a “open work permit”

in Canada, which lets you work for any employer. In addition, you are not need to have a job offer or a favorable labor market effect assessment to participate in OWP.

However, in accordance with Canadian immigration, the following individuals may submit a permit application:

  • Spouses and common-law partners of temporary foreign employees may apply on their behalf, as per national occupation categorization.
  • the spouses and common-law partners of foreign students enrolled full-time
  • graduates of the Canadian post-secondary institution from foreign students

The main point of this discussion is that if you possess one of the following, you are qualified for a Canadian work permit:

  • if you possess a current student visa
  • If your spouse or common-law partner is in possession of a work or study visa
  • In addition, you are qualified for a work permit for post-graduation and study.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, if you fit into one of the following categories, a work permit is not required.

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