Job openings: Quality Inn & Suites Canada is seeking a breakfast attendant

Job openings: Quality Inn & Suites Canada is seeking a breakfast attendant.


Breakfast attendants are in charge of setting up and taking down breakfast buffets and making sure it is always filled with food.

Breakfast Attendants take customer orders, relay them to the cooking staff, and clear tables at full-service businesses.

Information about the position

  • Location Bathurst, NewBrunswick
  • Paid between 32 and 40 hours per week at an hourly rate of $13.75 to $14.
  • Conditions of employment full time
  • Early morning
  • Morning Start: Commences as soon as possible
  • Benefits: health benefit
  • Openings: 1 opening

To join our team, we’re seeking for a welcoming and responsible breakfast attendant.

Setting up and taking down the breakfast service, making sure the buffet is always stocked, and, if needed, relaying drink orders from guests are all duties of the breakfast attendant.

Additionally, you must be able to respond quickly to clients’ questions and complaints.

In order to successfully fulfill the needs of clients, you need communicate with staff members in various departments.

A top-notch breakfast attendant will ultimately be able to guide consumers toward menu items that suit their dietary needs and personal preferences.

Job openings: Quality Inn & Suites Canada is seeking a breakfast attendant
Job openings: Quality Inn & Suites Canada is seeking a breakfast attendant

Breakfast attendant duties include

  • setting up and taking down the breakfast buffet before and after meals.
  • ensuring that the breakfast buffet is always stocked with enough food.
  • taking drink orders and, when necessary, sending them to the kitchen.
  • supplying condiments to clients who request them.
  • removing dishes and silverware from patrons’ tables.
  • answering client inquiries and grievances.
  • ensuring that patrons leave the establishment before the end of the lunch service.
  • After each lunch service, the floors are swept, vacuumed, and mopped.
  • After every dinner service, tables and surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized.

Attendant at breakfast

  • High school diploma or an equivalent is required.
  • prior hospitality industry experience, especially in a comparable job.
  • solid understanding of food safety regulations.
  • able to lift up to 50 pounds on their own.
  • being able to stand for long periods of time ability┬áto operate unsupervised in a fast-paced workplace.
  • Excellent multitasking, linguistic, and organizational skills.
    careful with the details.
  • kind and customer-focused demeanor.
  • being able to work shifts when necessary, including on weekends and public holidays.

Languages Overview

English or French


No diploma, certificate, or degree


Will training


Health advantages
healthcare strategy

Who may apply for this position?

Apply only if the following:

  • You have Canadian citizenship or are a Canadian permanent resident.
  • You possess a working visa for Canada.
  • Please do not apply if you are not permitted to work in Canada.
  • Your application won’t receive a response from the employer.

How to Apply

sent email to

By mail 777 St. Peter Avenue, Bathurst, New Brunswick E2A 2Y9

promoted until

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