Before submitting an application for permanent residency in Canada, you should be aware of the following information.

  • Actions to take before applying
  • Gather your documentation.
  • begin and finish your application
  • Cover the application fee.
  • Send your application.
  • Next move

What to do before submitting a permanent residence application

The initial step before submitting a permanent residence application In Canada, it is necessary to determine your eligibility.

You should verify to make sure you are eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa because not every applicant has a chance of receiving one.

You must first submit an application to the provincial nominee class (PNC), which enables provinces and territories to nominate and choose healthy immigrants who would contribute favorably to the expansion of the economy through their years of experience in the workforce and strong educational backgrounds.

The province from where a candidate is applying for permanent residency will choose candidates who won’t burden the province or territory socially or financially.

Once one of the 10 provinces has nominated you, you may next submit your application. Every province and territory has its own nomination and application process.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the territory or province you are applying for will not in any way provide financial assistance.

As a result, you must be properly informed about the exchange rate and cost of living in the nation and province you are applying for in order to make adequate preparations that will make your move there simple and much faster.

It takes a lot of planning and preparation to immigrate to Canada because you might need to find employment once you’ve settled.

This is the time to prepare, network, acquire the skills, and receive the accreditation that will improve your chances of landing a job.

You will be granted a license to practice your profession if your credentials have been successfully evaluated.
You are suggested to conduct broad research on the province you are applying for as each one has its own systems and patterns of employment.


The various documents will be required at various times throughout the application process. These documents consist of

  • Passport
  • language test
  • Providence nomination (if any)
  • Employer job offers in writing (if any)
  • evidence of funds
  • credentials in education
  • Medical exam
  • Police report

To make sure the applicant has the money to establish themselves properly in Canada, proof of funds is required.

To ensure that the province doesn’t admit immigrants with a criminal history or applicants who have a propensity to endanger the security and safety of the province’s residents, a police report is required.

The results of the physical reveal your family’s medical history and current health state.



You must be thorough, sincere, and accurate when completing your application form. Your application will be returned to you if it is unfinished or contains false information.

  • The required forms include
  • Application form generic for Canada
  • Declarative dependence
  • Background statement
  • Economic groups: provincial candidate
  • Additional family details
  • Additional details relating to your travels
  • Statement of any common-law partner or spouse
  • checklist of documents. Etc.


Typically, there is a $225 filing charge and a $500 fee for the right to permanent residence.

It is usually advised to make your payment as soon as possible because the processing fee needs to be submitted with your application.

The fee for the right to permanent residence is not required to be paid by dependents or protected individuals.
When more than two people, typically family members, apply at once, the charge for biometric is $175 instead of $85 for an individual.

Your application will be returned to you if the full amount is not paid. They will start processing your application once your fee is received. If you overpay compared to what you are required to pay, you will automatically receive a refund for the overpayment.

You must have a functioning email, a credit card, or a Canadian debit card, as well as access to a printer so you may print a receipt as evidence of payment, before you can submit your application.
If they apply to you, additional fees will be disclosed to you.


You have the option of sending your application by courier or normal mail. Send your application form, any necessary supporting documents, and documentation of your fee payment through mail in a 9 by 12 envelope.

Make sure your form is properly completed, signed, and dated. If you are under 18, one of your parents or your legal guardian must sign the form. Please take note that your application will be returned to you if it is not properly dated and signed.

If you filled out your application online, don’t forget to include the page with your unique bar code.


Your application will be processed if you meet all of the conditions. You will receive some basic instructions, a file number, and the next step in the processing procedure at this point.

All of the data you submitted will be thoroughly reviewed and compared to the province’s current immigration and selection standards during the processing stage.

To make sure that you or any family members do not require serious and ongoing medical or social care attention, each member of your family must have a medical checkup.

The following factors could cause delays during the processing phase:

  • criminal issue
  • unfinished medical report
  • Your document’s photocopies are unclear.
  • Additional confirmation and advice on the data you gave.

If your application is accepted, you will be granted instant permanent resident status and be permitted to live, study, and work anywhere in Canada.

You will also be eligible for social benefits that are provided to Canadian citizens, but if you or any member of your family is convicted of a crime, you and your entire family may be sent back to your place of origin.

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