How do I become a citizen of Canada?

How do I become a citizen of Canada?

Many friendly people live in Canada. Therefore, you are free to submit an application for Canadian citizenship. But accommodating citizenship laws are sufficient to help those seeking a fresh start.

However, there are a lot of minute aspects you should be aware of before applying for citizenship. So here we are, outlining all the pertinent details.

Steps to submit a citizenship application for Canada:

You must complete the following easy but crucial actions in order to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Check your eligibility for a Canadian citizenship application in Step #1.

A critical step in the citizenship application process is determining your eligibility. Initially, you must reside in Canada for at least 1095 days before you can apply to become a citizen.

In addition, you must file income tax returns for at least three years within a five-year period. Furthermore, there ought to be additional items.

  • You must be literate in either French or English.
  • Knowing every important aspect concerning the benefits and obligations of Canadian citizenship is crucial.
  • If you don’t have a criminal history, you can apply for citizenship in Canada.

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As a result, if you fulfill all the prerequisites, it could take up to five years to obtain Canadian nationality. The clock, however, begins ticking after you sign the application.

Calculate how long you’ve been in Canada in Step 2:

You must now determine how long you have lived in Canada for the second phase. Therefore, you can use these methods to determine the duration.

  • Use the calculation found online.
  • Now print your results and provide a copy with your application.
How do I become a citizen of Canada?
How do I become a citizen of Canada?

However, it’s crucial to determine the proper timing. Cross-checking before submitting an application for Canadian citizenship will be helpful.


Gather the documents in Step #3.

We are now moving on to the next stage, which is the submission of papers. The following documents must be submitted by you.

  • the first copy of your passport showing you were in Canada
  • copy of all recent five-year valid and expired travel papers
  • If any of the documents are missing, you can explain.
  • copies of personal documents, such as a driver’s license, a health insurance card, etc.

Moreover, if you are between the ages of 18 and 54, you must submit your English or French evidence.
You also require two citizenship pictures and a receipt for $630 as the application fee.


Go to the main page now and download the application for Canadian citizenship. The language can be chosen based on your comfort level. Additionally, please select the box if you have any unique requirements that need to be met. Now complete the following sections:

  • Have you ever applied for citizenship?
  • Please use the name that appears on all official documentation.
  • Note your name, phone number, and other contact information.
  • Obtain the necessary linguistic proficiency by submitting a certificate.

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The most crucial step is to finish the legal detail and indicate whether you seek temporary resident status. For instance, it might be a guest, student, employee, or someone with another type of permit.

Step No. 5 is to pay the fee.

You can scan the proof of purchase and submit your payment online. The fee for those who are older than 18 is $630 per applicant. However, a youngster must pay a cost of about $100 per person.


Apply right away after fulfilling all requirements in front of officials. If you package these items in an envelope before shipping them, it will be helpful.

  • a fully completed application
  • Attached all necessary documentation.
  • should charge the proper fee

Keep in mind that if you don’t meet any of the standards listed above, your application will be rejected.


Here are a few additional processes that require preparation after submitting your application for citizenship. Therefore, these are:

  • Get ready for the text.
  • Attend the interview.
  • Await the outcome.
  • Go ahead and
  • take the oath as is customary.

You are now legally a Canadian citizen, and as such, you are entitled to all of the state’s opportunities and benefits. But remember to carry out your obligations.

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