10 Canadian Universities That Offer Fully Funded Admission [Without IELTS] for Canadian Scholarships

10 Canadian Universities That Offer Fully Funded Admission [Without IELTS] for Canadian Scholarships

Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for students from all over the world because Canadian universities consistently rank among the best in the world. That must naturally be attributed to the top-notch education provided by these Canadian schools. Globally, Canada is renowned for providing education that is unmatched.

In addition to the high standard of education offered by Canadian universities, there are a number of additional reasons that combine to draw international students to this study location. The ability to apply for and be awarded a fully funded scholarship to study in these top-tier universities in Canada regardless of your background or nationality stands out among these advantages.

Yes, to emphasize that point, several prestigious Canadian universities provide meritorious international students with completely supported entrance options. So long as you complete the prerequisites and submit your application by the deadline, you can apply for free to study at any of these institutions.

What to Know About Canadian Universities

Although it may seem impossible, there is also the benefit of studying and working in Canada. For immigrants, including students, who want to work while they study in order to support their money and at the same time gain experience, there are many alternatives accessible. You can refer to our article about the possibilities for employment and study in Canada here.

It’s remarkable that the universities giving these completely financed scholarships for free study in Canada are well known and respected internationally and offer their courses in both English and French. While it may occasionally be challenging to pass admissions standards in some well-known study locations, students can easily apply to study in Canada without IELTS requirements because to the availability of waiver possibilities.

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Canadian Universities That Offer Admission With Full Funding

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is listed first on this list. Popularly known as U of T, it is currently ranked in the top 25 universities in the world and is still the greatest university in Canada. This university, which distributes fully financed scholarships and is ranked among the top institutions in the world, provides an extremely competitive learning atmosphere, as would be expected. Due to the high number of research grants, outside funding, and sponsorships available to overseas students each year, admission into the school is extremely competitive but also presents a wonderful chance for those looking for fully financed scholarships.

Over 90,075 students—19,000 of them are international—have the option to compete for a fully financed study opportunity at U of T thanks to the over $1.3 billion in research funding that the university receives each year.

10 Canadian Universities That Offer Fully Funded Admission [Without IELTS] for Canadian Scholarships
10 Canadian Universities That Offer Fully Funded Admission [Without IELTS] for Canadian Scholarships
University of Alberta

One of Canada’s top public research universities, The University of Alberta is renowned for its humanities and health sciences research and academic brilliance.

The organization receives up to $513 million per year to support research and education. Up to 7,000 of the 38,000 yearly admissions are foreign students who are equally accepted into the university’s financial and scholarship programs, mostly for postgraduate prizes.

Western university

The university has some of the best and most renowned academics and professionals as professors, and its faculties are well-known for earning awards. They receive $239 million in funding annually intended for research financing. There are now roughly 31,170 students enrolled, including about 4,000 from other countries.

College of Montreal

In the most recent global university rankings, the University of Montreal is ranked among the top 100 institutions worldwide. One of the best Canadian colleges and one of the country’s biggest centers for teaching and research, it is located in Quebec, the country’s French-speaking region.

The university’s prestigious faculties of life science and medicine are sponsored to the tune of $567 million, and they are among the faculties that support scientific and other types of research. There are up to 10,000 international students among the 67,390 total students enrolled each year.

British Columbia University

Another great university in Canada with a ranking in the top 5% of all universities worldwide is the University of British Columbia. The institution is more likely to accept even more international students because of its different campuses.

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The university receives about $658 million in research funding each year to support study and research. The university accepts roughly 64,800 students, of whom 17,00 are foreigners.

McGill College

A top university in Canada, McGill University enrolls a sizable number of foreign students each year. Of all Canadian research universities, it has the highest proportion of postgraduate research students (particularly PhD students).

The college enrolls approximately 40,035 students a year, 12,000 of them are international students, and receives up to $515 million in research funding annually.

McMaster College

McMaster University is a fantastic choice if you’re hoping for a fully supported scholarship. With roughly 31,845 students enrolled annually and $380 million allocated for research. Every year, it also accepts roughly 3,000 foreign students.

10 Canadian Universities That Offer Fully Funded Admission [Without IELTS] for Canadian Scholarships
10 Canadian Universities That Offer Fully Funded Admission [Without IELTS] for Canadian Scholarships

College of Calgary

In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, there is a public research institution called the University of Calgary. The university actively trains students in specialized study areas like the arts, science, and medicine with its approximately 33,100 enrolled students annually, 4,000 of them are international students. The university receives roughly $488 million in research funding, and it promotes student volunteerism.

College of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is a university renowned for its ethnically varied environment and is situated in one of the most student-friendly Canadian cities, Ottawa. A little over 7,000 of the 42,255 students enrolled there each year are from outside the country.

The university offers completely financed admissions and is a great place to work after graduation because to its $313 million in research funding.

Laval College

This university is well-known for its athletic accomplishments and is situated in a part of Canada with a substantial French-speaking population (especially its successful football team). Up to $404 million in annual research money is given to the school. Over 5,000 of the annual student enrollment of 42,710 or more are foreign students.

Take advantage of the Canadian universities that are listed above that offer completely subsidized admissions if you want to study in Canada. I wish you luck.

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